Contributing to PPExtensions


Our recommendation is to start a slack discussion as soon as you have an idea for contributing to PPExtensions. This will help you, other interested contributors & the committers get to common grounds early in time. Contact the PPExtenions community on slack.

How can you help


Look for Issues that are open on below categories, pick an issue, start a slack discussion on slack channel, once we get to common grounds on the solution approach, open a PR with your implementation. Bug Fixes Enhancements & Improvements (Jira Details) * Add a new extension that you see are useful to Jupyter community


You can also improve our documentation docs/.md Any other valuable comment you'd like to add to the code that will simplify other developers' lives.

Contribution Process

  • Get your github account.
  • Fork the PPExtensions repo into your account.
  • Create an issue branch using the master branch.
  • Make modifications to the code.
  • Ensure code coverage by added test cases.
  • All commits must have the issue ID & summary. Say "[#32] Add Codacy Integration and Badge".
  • Ensure all your commits are squashed.
  • Make a Pull Request to develop branch.
  • If there are code review related changes - ensure those commits are also squashed.
  • DO NOT include changes that are not directly related to the issue you are trying to resolve.
  • Once PR is approved, code will be merged to Development branch.
  • Once all regression test cases have passed - changes will be merged to master branch.