Publish Magic


Install tableau sdk


Jupyter enables you to publish your data to online tableau server. Publish magic allows you to publish the dataframe or result from any query to online tableau server.

Note: You will need tabcmd installed and an online account to use this feature

Getting Started

Publish Magic

Opening Notebook: Open Jupyter Notebook, click New --> Python3 kernel

Import ppextensions : Execute the code below to import ppmagics from ppextensions to your notebook

%load_ext ppextensions.ppmagics

Using Publish magic

To see available options for Publish Magic run %publish?:

%publish [-tde TDE_NAME] [-p_name PROJECT_NAME]
 optional arguments:
  -tde TDE_NAME, --tde_name TDE_NAME
                        tde Name to be published
  -p_name PROJECT_NAME, --project_name PROJECT_NAME
                        tde Name to be published

Running Publish Magic:

%%publish -tde_name <tde> 

Update ~/.ppextensions/config.json with the tableau server details including site_name, user_name and password .

{ "tableau":{
            "password": ""

*Updated config will be available after restarting the kernel

If you do not provide the info in config, you would be prompted to input the information

Publishing with out specific tde name

%publish  <df_name>

dataframe would be published with default timestamp

Publishing to specific project with specific tde name

%%publish --project_name <pname> --tde_name <tde>

**Publishing results from another magic.

%publish %hive <query>
%%publish  --tde_name <tde>
%hive <query>

Please check the official [Tableau documentation] ( for information on using Tableau.